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1808Name our Project & Win a Jar of UF Honey!‏

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  • jgrahambeesnwasps
    Nov 1, 2011

      We need some help coming up with a good name for a citizen science project.

      If we use the name that you suggest, we will give you a jar of local honey produced by our UF honey bees!

      Here are the details of the project:

      1. People of all ages design, create and register a solitary bee and wasp nesting site.

      2. When solitary bees and wasps move in to the site they take a picture of the occupied nest.

      3. When the solitary bees and wasps emerge from the site they take a picture of the adult bee or wasp.

      4. The pictures and data about the site are uploaded onto a website database viewable by all participants.

      The benefits of the project:

      1. It provides an opportunity for citizens to be involved with "real science".

      2. It will educate the general public about the importance, diversity and distribution of solitary bees and wasps.

      3. It is a fun, outdoor learning project that can tie in many lessons on ecology, conservation, and more.

      4. The data provided will help us to map the diversity and distribution of solitary bees (important pollinators) and wasps (biological control agents) over time.

      For more information and to submit a name visit our facebook page:



      or email Jgraham@... with BEES in the subject line.

      Thanks for the help and good luck!!

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