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1654Information on the bee types held at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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  • Sam Droege
    Jul 4, 2011

    I was just passed a list of holotype and allotype specimens held at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, most, if not all, described by Swenk.    While few people seem to use this collection anymore I just finished a visit and can say that it is in wonderful shape and contains a nice selection of Midwestern specimens with plenty of additions from Western and South American .


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    the earth is a living thing

    is a black shambling bear
    ruffling its wild back and tossing
    mountains into the sea

    is a black hawk circling
    the burying ground circling the bones
    picked clean and discarded

    is a fish black blind in the belly of water
    is a diamond blind in the black belly of coal

    is a black and living thing
    is a favorite child
    of the universe
    feel her rolling her hand
    in its kinky hair
    feel her brushing it clean

    - Lucille Clifton