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1536Question about Intertegular Spans and Foraging Distance

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  • Daniel Paiva Silva
    Apr 29, 2011
      Dear Nicole Freeman and everyone else,

      I am starting my Ph.D. sampling here in Brazil and I am also facing the same problem. I would like very much to know if IT spam is really a good surrogate to fly capacity and if there is any place where I can obtain the species (or genera) average IT spam measurements...

      Nicole, I don't know if it is to ask to much of you, but could you please indicate me the latest papers you have read that argue that IT spam is a good surrogate for bees' flight capacity?

      Thank you very much!
      Best regards,



      Daniel de Paiva Silva

      Graduate Program in Ecology & Evolution
      Theoretical Ecology and Synthesis Lab - LETS
      Biological Sciences Institute - ICB - UFG
      Goiânia - Goiás - Brazil

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