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1481Re: Fw: [beemonitoring] Coevolution

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  • Peter Loring Borst
    Apr 18, 2011
      On Apr 16, 2011, at 11:13 PM, Peter Bernhardt wrote:
      Just how much selection must a bee species and a plant species exert on each other before we are willing to identify the pollinator/flower interaction as an example of coevolution? Just who is setting the standards?

      Scott L. Nuismer, et al. write:

      Although studies of correlations between traits of interacting
      species are intuitively appealing, it has been argued
      that such studies cannot provide unequivocal evidence
      for coevolution. The argument against using
      correlated trait values as evidence for coevolution was
      made most forcefully by Janzen (1980) in his paper entitled
      "When is it coevolution?" He argued that well-matched
      or strongly correlated traits could evolve between interacting
      species through processes other than coevolution
      (Janzen 1980). At least three noncoevolutionary
      mechanisms could explain correlations between
      the traits of interacting species across sites.

      When Is Correlation Coevolution?
      Scott L. Nuismer, Richard Gomulkiewicz, and Benjamin J. Ridenhour
      vol. 175, no. 5 the american naturalist may 2010
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