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1450Re: [beemonitoring] Bee collecting cactus spines? [1 Attachment]

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  • Matthias Buck
    Apr 5, 2011
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      It definitely looks like an Osmiini. Could it be collecting resin at the base of the spines? Opuntia often produces little bits of resin in these areas. Or was it sleeping there?


      On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 7:47 AM, Chanda Henne <csbutrfly12@...> wrote:
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      Hi all,

      I was out recently to take pictures of bees in the open prickly pear cactus flowers, and noted a bee spending a lot of time around the spines.  At first I thought it was a halictid due to its blue-green color, but after examining the photos, I am not so sure anymore.  My next thought was Osmia, but am a little confused by the behavior.  I know some bees will collect other plant parts for nesting, but I didn't think Osmia was one of those groups.  I have attached a picture of this bee, and was wondering if someone might recognize it and/or explain the behavior.  The picture was taken at the Arroyo Colorado birding center park in Harlingen, TX.


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