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1447Collecting Squash Bees

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  • Margarita Maria Lopez
    Apr 4, 2011
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      Dear all,
      My name is Margarita Lopez-Uribe. I'm a graduate student at Cornell University in Bryan Danforth's Lab. For my PhD thesis, I am conducting a population genetic study of Peponapis pruinosa across its current range in North America (US, Mexico and Canada). For this purpose, I need samples from as many populations of Peponapis pruinosa as I can get across its current range.
      I would greatly appreciate your help in this project. I would like to know if any of you would be willing to collaborate with me on the sampling of these bees. Basically, I need specimens of bees preserved in alcohol for the genetic analysis. Both males and females (between 30-50 specimens per site, if possible) will be perfect! 
      If you are willing to help, please send me an email (mayalopez@...). I will ship vials of ethanol for collecting bees and of course I will cover the cost of return postage. 
      I thank you in advance for you time and help.
      Margarita M Lopez-Uribe