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1380RE: [beemonitoring] Motion activating cameras for monitoring foraging times of cavity-nesting bees (UNCLASSIFIED)

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  • Messinger, Wes NWP
    Feb 23 10:00 AM
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      Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
      Caveats: FOUO

      I suggested to Scott that he:

      Analyze the possibility of a cheapish canon point-and-shoot, your own
      housing, and the canon hack development kit (CHDK --
      http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK). I'm quite impressed with the capabilities
      for motion detection of insects, lightning and fireworks so far, and it also
      allows override of compression to RAW and of speed and f-stop limits.
      Battery life may be an issue. I'll be interested to hear if it works for you

      Further interested to see whether group members have tried this. Cheers
      Wes Messinger
      Botanist, USACE Willamette Valley Projects
      541-688-8147 (541-954-5342 cell)

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      Subject: [beemonitoring] Motion activating cameras for monitoring foraging
      times of cavity-nesting bees

      Hi Everyone,

      Can anyone recommend a small, outdoor motion-activating camera able to
      capture images (with timestamps) of foraging cavity-nesting bees and
      wasps leaving and returning to their nest. Being able to mount the
      camera on the nestbox would be most desirable. Any experiences with
      cameras to quantify this activity, useful links or websites of cameras
      would be much appreciated. It seems most outdoor motion-sensing
      cameras are large, and used for bird and mammal detection in a larger
      spatial area, whereas I clearly require a camera that detects motion
      within a much smaller space (e.g. several cubic inches around a
      nestbox gallery hole).

      Has anyone had experience using these cameras?:

      Thank you very much,


      J. Scott MacIvor
      PhD. Candidate
      Biology Department
      York University
      Toronto ON
      M3J 1P3
      Mobile: (416) 844-8093

      Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
      Caveats: FOUO

      Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
      Caveats: FOUO