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  • Bev Smith
    Sep 14 7:06 AM

      Sam, Jim Mulrooney, jmulrooney@..., and I were talking last night.  I am totally swamped trying to finish my thesis by Dec. and work 8-10 hours a day.  But....when this is behind me, and I have some papers on state records, annonated checklist, etc., then he and I want to start something here at the Refuge on beemonitoring.  We will be in touch, but it will most likely not happen until late summer '08.  I do not have time to respond to any of the messages, but a lot of good stuff out there!!  How I wish I could come to your workshop on the 19th!!!  I have very few of my Las. (Dic.) species ided simply because I could not find anyone at the time to help me with them.  I have several species that Drs. Mike Engel and C. Michener and I worked on one summer in Kansas, but I have tons that unidentified.  I am not even sure as to how I am going to handle that many in my thesis at this point.  Well, I do not mean to take up your time, I just wanted to let you know that we do plan on doing something here in MS.  Have a great day and weekend.  Bev

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