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1291Cheer Up Amots Dafni?

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  • Peter Bernhardt
    Dec 6, 2010
      Dear Colleagues:

      Many of us learned how to study the pollination ecology of plants by reading the papers of Dr. Amots Dafni (University of Haifa).  I heard from Dr. Dafni <adafni@...> this morning. He is very depressed. The fires of northern Israel burned all his sites on Mount Carmel coming rather close to the university. I've been to the University of Haifa and worked with Amots. To study some of the native plants one had only to walk out of his office, walk down a set up steps and enter old, hilly Mediterranean woodland and scrubland. Mandrakes grew along sheep and goat paths and Anemone coronaria started flowering in January, in some years. 

      Yes, we all know that Mediterranean woodlands recover and regenerate following winter rains but this is little comfort to Dr. Dafni at present and the weather reports from that part of the world aren't promising the usual, lush, wet winter. Please see if you can find the time to write Dr. Dafni to cheer him up. Perhaps you have some nice, recent photos of your work. Remember, the Jewish festival of Chanukah will continue for the next three nights, or so. 

      Sincerely, Peter Bernhardt