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1287Fwd: A&S Dean position announcement

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  • Peter Bernhardt
    Nov 29, 2010
    Dear Colleagues:

    Saint Louis University will have a position open for a new Dean of Arts and Sciences  open in 2011 (see attached).  From my point of view, it would be nice if someone with a degree in Biology filled it but our university will consider all PhDs.  Please circulate this information with contacts interested in an administrative position.  Remember, if a Dean at an American institution steps down or is asked to step down by the administration the former Dean has the right to join another department within the same university.  If your PhD is in Biology you can join the Department of Biology after your stint of being a Dean ends.

    Sincerely, Peter Bernhardt

    Dear Colleagues,

    Attached are the job advertisements (long version and truncated version of about 400 words) for the A&S Dean position.  You may distribute the advertisements to listservs or send it to individuals.  The advertisements will go to the Chronicle of Higher Education (print and online) and will be posted on other appropriate sites.  A website describing the position is available at http://www.slu.edu/x43687.xml

    Best regards,