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1229Washinton D.C. Pollinator Meetings - Lectures and Smooze Fests - October 20 and 21

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  • Sam Droege
    Sep 28, 2010


      On October 20 and 21 there will be a series of free lectures and soirees hosted by the many Private, Federal,  and State members of the Pollinator Partnership.


      This is a wonderful place to meet people involved in the conservation of pollinators.  There will be researchers from all over North America, including Mexico, as well as policy molls, agency heads, and members and staff from Congress waiting to be informed and button-holed.  The lectures will also be a good place to learn the latest issues associated with pollinator decline, status, and research.

      The activities at night require pre-registration (good free food and drink, too!) see links below.


      See you there.


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