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121Re: [beemonitoring] Colony Collapse Disorder related to Nosema ceranae?

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  • frozenbeedoc@cs.com
    Jul 20, 2007
      Dear Group,

      I've been talking to members of the colony collapse disorder research coallition of Penn State, USDA, ARS Beltsville, and North Carolina State U.  they've been looking at everything they have tools to look at, including using the honey bee genome results to sort out all the DNA from samples.  turns out that most of the Nosema in the U.S. is ceranae, and has been for some time.  And this is not consistently found with dead colonies.  If fact, many colonies have everything, viruses, foulbroods, mites, etc.  They have some leads, but we are all betting that it is not just one thing, but a host of stressors.  Including management styles.  Work continues at a great rate. 

      Anita M. Collins
      USDA, ARS, Bee Research Lab, RETIRED.
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