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1180RE: use of new Squash Bee Trap?

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  • Vincent Tepedino
    Sep 3, 2010
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      Thank you James for speaking up for squash bees. 


      I too was put off by this “promising” new technique for sending Pepos and who knows what else to the pin-yard but after my mini-eruption a while back, over what seems to be mindless collecting, I’ve been silent due to lack of support (a bit but not much).  I suppose that’s because I’m getting old and senile and semi-mental over bees.  And then my good buddy and former boss (who shall remain unnamed unless he chooses to out himself) always gives me the hoary line about more bees being killed on car grills in a minute, etc., etc.  And I wonder, even if that’s true, how does it justify slaughtering more for questionable reasons.  To echo James’ question:  How does it?


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      Folks- I am curious (trying not to be appalled) as to why someone would want to kill Peponapis bees en masse with pan trapping?  What can’t be learned

      from surveying for them at the very flowers that are being used to bait them to pan traps?  Certainly there is a lot that can’t be learned

      from merely killing the bees through passive sampling.  Voucher specimens I can understand.  I could say more, but will

      reserve judgment, knowing that I often don’t see all the angles to an issue and would like to learn the justification in this case.




      Jim Cane


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