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117Bees of Timber Ridge Camp, WV August 2006

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  • Sam Droege
    Jul 12, 2007


      Attached is a file containing the results of bowl and net captures of native bees found at Timber Ridge Camp along the Cacapon River in Hampshire County.  I was attending a folk dance and music camp with my family and had some extra time so put out bowls and did some netting.  

      This file is also available at:


      An excel file with the raw data is available to anyone who wishes it.  These data are available for anyone's use.


      Sam Droege  Sam_Droege@...                      
      w 301-497-5840 h 301-390-7759 fax 301-497-5624
      USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
      BARC-EAST, BLDG 308, RM 124 10300 Balt. Ave., Beltsville, MD  20705

      Poets and Scientists Find Boxelder Bugs
      Useful for Both Metaphor and Experiment

      Crush a boxelder bug.
      After the little snap
      a tiny liquid drop
      the color of honey comes
      out on your thumb.
      The boxelder bug does not
      hear this sound.
      The red racing stripes on
      his black back, like decorated
      running shoes, finally don't
      run anywhere, anymore.
      You, on the other hand, had done
      what your life prepared you for:
      kill something useless and innocent,
      and try to find some beauty in it.
                  Bill Holm

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