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1138Final Report on Bee Species not Seen in the Last 20 Years

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  • Sam Droege
    Aug 5, 2010


    Attached is a report, and an associated Excel file, listing 47 species of bees in Eastern North America that have not been seen during the last 20 years.  The report looks at the geographic and life history patterns associated with these species and makes recommendations for further work.

    Feel free to distribute widely.



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    USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
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             Death is like the insect
             Menacing the tree,
             Competent to kill it,
             But decoyed may be.

              Bait it with the balsam,
             Seek it with the knife,
             Baffle, if it cost you
             Everything in life.

              Then, if it have burrowed
             Out of reach of skill,
             Ring the tree and leave it,--
             'T is the vermin's will.

    P Bees are not optional.
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