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1122Measuring bee body size

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  • ariellag@post.tau.ac.il
    Jul 11, 2010
      Hi everyone

      We wish to assess the body size of bees collected in our research group.
      Can you please advise us from your own experience on the best way to
      measure the distance between the wing bases (the inter-tegular span)
      of a bee?
      Our bees range from tiny Nomioides to impressive Xylocopa species.
      We were wondering if the ocular micrometer in a dissecting microscope
      can be very accurate measuring bees of very different sizes, and if a
      separate digital caliper or micrometer be better for the job.

      Thanks for your thoughts


      Ariella Gotlieb
      Dr. Yael Mandelik's lab
      Faculty of Agriculture
      Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
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