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1121NCTC Course Announcement: Designing and Implementing a Biological Monitoring Program

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  • Sam Droege
    Jun 29 4:55 AM

    For those of you bee biologists working on Monitoring programs.  I would recommend this course. ....

    I will be one of the course leaders too, so as a bonus I will be collecting bees and setting traps...as always.


    P Bees are not optional.

    July 16 is the deadline for course registration.  Thanks!  

             NCTC Course Announcement:  Designing and Implementing a Biological Monitoring Program

    Establishing a statistically appropriate, cost-effective, and biologically meaningful monitoring program is surprisingly complex and not often achieved.  This course addresses all the diverse elements of designing and implementing a monitoring program for the conservation and management of biological resources and their habitats.  Participants will acquire a big picture conceptual framework for monitoring, including knowing when monitoring is needed and what defines a defensible monitoring program that supports decision making.  Participants will learn about sampling designs, the basic principles of data collection, and statistical models used to interpret long-term data, with examples that address a range of management objectives and resource decisions.  The challenge of monitoring within a management context is emphasized, with a focus on identifying clear objectives and evaluating progress towards those objectives.

    Who should attend:  Biologists and managers who are engaged in developing, conducting, supervising, or evaluating biological monitoring programs.  Participants should have a basic understanding of statistics equivalent to an introductory undergraduate course.

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