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1090Painting making bowls fragile

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  • Drons, David J
    Jun 4, 2010
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      Hello all,

      I am currently several weeks into a native bee inventory of the Black Hills in South Dakota. For part of the collecting I am following Mr. Droege's methods for bee bowls outlined in the bee manual.

      I have been using bee bowls (3.25oz solo type cups) that were painted with Krylon brand paint. I have recently noticed that the paint may be reacting with the plastic making them a bit fragile. It appears to be more of an issue on the bowls that are painted fluorescent yellow. A white base coat of Krylon Dover White paint was used as primer, followed by the Krylon fluorescent yellow.

      After only a few weeks I have gone through several cups by putting my finger through them, removing the entire flat bottom of the cup. I have also noticed the cups painted with fluorescent blue are also a bit fragile, but not as much as the fluorescent yellow.

      I was wondering if anyone has noticed similar results with the bowl and paint combination, if not here is a heads up that there might be issues.

      -David Drons
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