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1086Re: [beemonitoring] label paper for pinned specimens

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  • Liz Day
    May 28, 2010
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      >I received some label paper from BioQuip, but it
      >is beige, not white. when I contacted them, they responded:
      >"HI the paper is off white ledger paper that is
      >the only label paper we sell and this is the
      >first I have heard of this problem. "
      >Has anyone ever seen beige insect labels? My
      >problem is that I am at a field station and
      >can't get other paper in time to label the
      >hundreds of bees we are collecting.

      I thought the important thing was whether or not
      the paper was acid-free/archival. Is that not
      being used as a standard any more?
      (I suppose that in 80-100 years, the world may
      have other problems than the disintegration of
      thousands of insect labels, but the percent cost
      of labelling that is the paper seems small to me, so I use it.)


      Liz Day
      Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
      (40 N, 86 W; USDA zone 5b)
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