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1078New BIML mappable image of bee morphology template - Ptilothrix bombiformis

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  • Sam Droege
    Apr 30, 2010


      Joshua Thomas (a BIML intern) has taken on of Graham Snodgrass' magnificent photos of Ptilothrix bombiformis and created a mappable diagram of that bee's morphology.


      We plan to use this as a template for doing a whole series of mapped drawings (and landscapes) to help folks learn their bee id.

      Josh is putting together a word document on how to set up diagrams like this for those interested in doing this themselves and we will send that out to everyone.


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      My Name

       One night when the lawn was a golden green
      and the marbled moonlit trees rose like fresh memorials
      in the scented air, and the whole countryside pulsed
      with the chirr and murmur of insects, I lay in the grass
      feeling the great distances open above me, and wondered
      what I would become -- and where I would find myself --
      and though I barely existed, I felt for an instant
      that the vast star-clustered sky was mine, and I heard
      my name as if for the first time, heard it the way
      one hears the wind or the rain, but faint and far off
      as though it belonged not to me but to the silence
      from which it had come and to which it would go.

             -- Mark Strand

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