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104A few new bee bowl tips

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  • Sam Droege
    Jun 8, 2007
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      I am just back from a marathon collecting trip to South Carolina and Florida.  During that time I put out about 1400 bee bowls and came up with several more ways to make the process more efficient....at least for me.

      1.  The Plastic Spoon.  During the spring bee course we held here in Maryland Gaye Williams suggested using a spoon to remove specimens from the brine shrimp net used to sieve specimens from bowls.   Leo Shapiro tried this to good success and I can report that it is also much more efficient (particularly for small specimens) than fingers.

      2.  The Nursery Flat.  Plant nurseries use cheap plastic flats to hold individual annual plants for spring planting.  These flats usually have internal dividers to separate the individual plants.  I am sure there are many variations on this, but the flat I now use is very handy for holding sets of bowls.  I use 15 bowl sets and I can have many ready to go in these flats so that all I need to do is grab them at each stopping point.  After picking them up I just put them back into an individual cell.  I have used undivided shallow boxes in the past and inevitably the bowls fell over or became otherwise intermixed, causing me to have to stop and recount the bowls.

      3.  The GPS Unit.  Most of you probably know this, but I have now discovered how truly handy waypoints are in GPS land.  When setting out bowls I can set a waypoint and when picking one up I simply use the GOTO function and can watch my progress as I drive from sampling point to sampling point.  In the past I have used flags or recorded landmarks and mileage, but I often overshot or misinterpreted the stopping point.


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