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17614Re: [Beekeeping] Over-wintered, Now what?

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  • Tim Arheit
    Apr 8, 2014
      Normally you will simply rotate your boxes... moving the top box to the bottom.  However,  Make sure they have no brood in the bottom box at all before you do this.  If they have any brood in the bottom box, rotating the boxes will result in brood in the bottom box and at the top of the top box and the cluster won't be able to cover both areas.  

      Personally, I wouldn't do it quite yet since you are feeding because rotating the boxes will move the sugar water farther from the cluster (I'm assuming of course that they are short of honey and need to be fed and you are feeding at the top of the hive).


      On 4/8/2014 11:20 PM, pilotdm@... wrote:

      I have been trying to overwinter bees for several years. I finally did it, even in the harsh PA. winter that we had. I am feeding them sugar water and patties and they are all at the top of the hive. How do I get them down to the bottom of the deep box?

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