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17604Re: Winter losses ?

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  • baldbeeman
    Mar 24 4:58 AM
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      We have bee hives we either own or manage for others in NE Colorado in a few locations. Lost six colonies between Labor Day and Halloween that mostly had weak queens or small size for various reasons including being recent starts. Expected to lose several more through the winter, so ordered packages and queens due to deliver in April based on predictions and history. Two weeks ago was the first time it was warm enough to look in the hives. Extremely surprised to find not a single colony died between Halloween and March 15. One Warre, four top bar, and 24 Langstroth hives are all mostly looking good and several will need to be split. We didn't expect this, because not only have we not used any treatments for over two years, we didn't even prepare the hives for winter except to reduce the entrances and control the ventilation. So now we are scrambling to gather or build equipment for the bees supposed to be on their way. For the first time in seven years, we might have no room for caught swarms.
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