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  • fireham
    Mar 23, 2014
      2nd year learning to keep bees. First year I lost 2 of 2 hives (from packages) long before winter. one just left, one got beetles. 

      2013 I started 3 hives from nucs, did well, there were two swarms I was home to see, Caught both of those with aid and direction from a local long time beekeeper, the first and largest made a good hive, so I was up to 4.

      Lost one of those before winter to wax moths (or maybe "lost" it before and the moths moved in), then two double deep hives overwinter due to starvation (top deeps packed with honey) and the hive from the swarm is the only one left, but seems to be doing very very well.  So well indeed that a couple weeks ago.. I risked taking the top box off (had been one of the full boxes of honey from a starved out hive, now that had about 3 frames of eggs/brood) and as an early experimental split.  Then put another box on top of the strong overwintered hive and they seem to be building that one out quickly.  The "split" still has bees a bit of capped worker brood yet to hatch, at least one queen cell not yet hatched (as of about 3 days ago) and I'm seeing workers bringing in pollen. (located in Northeast Arkansas, just accross the river from Memphis.  

      If the current experimental split does not work out, I'm sure once there is more flowering in the area, the main hive will be strong enough to try a split again at some time, so I'll be back at 2 hives, and have 2 packages scheduled for delivery early Apr. Maybe get lucky and catch a swarm or two. goal... 6 hives by end of spring/summer.
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