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"Malta spring hunting illegal" says EU Commission

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  • david camilleri
    PRESS STATEMENT 29 June 2006 Great success for the Committee s campaign EU Commission: Spring hunting on Malta is in breach of EU legislation Brussels/Bonn: A
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      29 June 2006

      Great success for the Committee's campaign
      EU Commission: Spring hunting on Malta is in breach of EU legislation

      Brussels/Bonn: A cause for celebration by bird conservationists: The EU
      Commission intends to start breach of contract proceedings against Malta
      should the government again permit the hunting of migrant birds in spring
      next year. This decision by the EU Commission finally meets the demands of
      conservationists who have for years drawn attention to the extensive bird
      poaching and trapping which takes place on the Mediterranean island. "Spring
      hunting definitely violates the EU bird protection guidelines and has cost
      the lives of more than two million birds since Malta's entry into the EU. A
      ban would mean an enormous victory for bird conservation", according to
      Heinz Schwarze, President of the Bonn-based Committee against Bird Slaughter

      A short time ago CABS, together with the Royal Belgian Society for the
      Protection of Birds and 14 other organisations, handed in a petition with
      200,000 signatures to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament.
      Last week a report by the Committee's Chair, Martin Libicki, was published.
      Mr Libicki, personally visited Malta in May to gain a first-hand impression
      of hunting and poaching activity on the islands. His conclusions were: "The
      exception permitting spring hunting should not be renewed. There is too much
      concrete evidence of abuse". According to CABS' estimates, once again more
      than a half million migrant passerines, falcons, honey buzzards, herons,
      quails and turtle doves were shot in the 2006 hunting season (25 March - 22
      May). The 27 man strong "hopelessly undermanned" (Herr Schwarze)
      environmental police unit (ALE) is, in the opinion of conservationists, not
      capable of controlling the some 17,000 registered hunters and trappers.
      Herr Schwarze goes on: "Malta's hunters caused severe damage to the bird
      world and Malta's reputation for years. It is now up to the Government of
      Malta to take appropriate action".

      David Conlin, Proact
      On behalf of the Committee against Bird Slaughter www.komitee.de

      International operations to protect our migrant birds
      Help with a donation (Germany registered charity)

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      BLZ 20070024 (Deutsche Bank Hamburg)

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