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FYI: PhD positions

Dear All, Maybe someone might be interested in this position. Good luck Akanga, F.K. PhD Accounting
Dr. Fidelis Akanga
1:23 PM
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BECUDA legalized at last and Bravo to all who worked for it

 Find attached to this mail the official acknowledgment Receipt from the SDO Zang III of Fako Division of our Association with headquarters in Tiko. It has
theophilus tatsi
Apr 28
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Re: Summer Football Tournament

Good day  Dr. Akanga F.K and how you doing. After reading your mail, i will support the competition with the some of 100.000CFA. Just let me know when is
nelson kwowi
Apr 12

Re: Summer Football Tournament

Dear Nelson, Thanks for your e-mail and the interest to sponsor the summer football tournament in the village. I had wanted to reply you privately, but opted
Dr. Akanga Fidelis
Apr 11

Re: Summer Football Tournament

Good day Dr. Akanga Fidelis and how you and family doing? In regard to the football tournament, i will be delighted to joint you and support the competition.
Apr 11

Summer Football Tournament

Dear brothers and sisters, Following from my initiative to organise the summer football tournament in the village last year, I am calling on goodwill Bechati
Dr. Akanga Fidelis
Apr 9


Fellow Bechatians in Europe, Following on from my previous e-mail requesting your opinion as to how we can organise BECUDA-EU and hold meetings via skype, I am
Dr. Akanga Fidelis
Apr 9

Newsletter N°88: Now is Time for Mundani

Dear all,    Welcome to a new Edition of your favourite Newsletter. We wish you good reading in Jesus name. National Coordinator Mundani Believers
Mundani Believers Association (MUBA)
Mar 31
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Thanks from BECUDA AND I

On behalf of BECUDA executive and my humble self we says Thanks to Fidelis his nice words, for his taking on the leadership of BECUDA EU, being appreciative of
theophilus tatsi
Mar 30

Re: Update of Bechati dev't payment 2014 [1 Attachment]

Brothers and Sisters, I wish to applaud the efforts of all the EXCO and this years Cultural week organising committee for their time and efforts they have put
Dr. Akanga Fidelis
Mar 30

Re: Easy to open constitution and bylaws and my notes during the cul

 If I can remember well your proposal was given to me at the end of our discussions and amendment of the draft constitution in Bechati.  Your graphical
theophilus tatsi
Mar 22

congrats for appointment

 I wish to congratulate our brother for his appointment. I hope those close to Adamawa can attend this occasion on our behalf.I hope to discuss it with the
theophilus tatsi
Mar 22

Update of Bechati dev't payment 2014

 Hi Bros and Sis,Here attached is a comprehensive list of Bechati elites within and without and their 2014 contributions towards the development of our
nkemtaji benjamin
Mar 21
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Re: update on Registration

Invitation for Installation Ceremony.Calvary greetings in the priceless name of Jesus Christ. The Kedju's family invites you to the installation ceremony of
Pastor Richard
Mar 20

Re: Easy to open constitution and bylaws and my notes during the cul

   I wish to thank justice for taking his time to put at the disposal of those were not in the village all what transpired during our cultural week. I want
Agbor Charles nda
Mar 20
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