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UFOs Explained at Last. Pre-order the book The Science of Extraterrestrials today.

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    UFOs Explained at Last. A world event. THE SCIENCE OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS by Eric Julien Translated by Estherella Cartens. ISBN 1-60177-101-0 Hardcover -
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      UFOs Explained at Last. A world event.

      by Eric Julien
      Translated by Estherella Cartens.
      ISBN 1-60177-101-0

      Hardcover - Luxurious Jacket - 135 illustrations -
      400 pages – See the cover here for example (we have no
      particular relationship with this website which kindly
      published an article):

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      Eve Marchal
      Allies Publishing, Inc.


      On the basis of a single concept, this contribution
      offers an argued and innovative explanation of the
      science implemented by the extraterrestrials! The
      author even speaks about ExtraTemporals (ET).

      A true review of the knowledge question such as it
      has been elaborated for one century by the scientific
      community! From the study of the UFO mystery emerges a
      new paradigm: 3D time. This work is thus a scientific
      event of great range. This is why about fifteen
      translations will be completed soon.

      Composed of two parts, the time of reflections and
      the time of explanations, The Science of
      Extraterrestrials presents a rigorous demonstration of
      the reality of enigmatic phenomena. While confirming
      the majority of the laws that science validated, the
      work explains the origin of contradictions between
      relativity and quantum mechanics, between material and
      spiritual, as well as their solutions. In the natural
      prolongation of these principles, the author declines
      each high noted strangeness, as well in paranormal
      phenomena, as in those of UFO phenomena. The Science
      of Extraterrestrials thus presents a Theory Of
      Everything shaking one century of outrageous
      materialism. It takes science out of a dead end that
      this science itself acknowledges to be in.

      The first part is focused on the mistakes of science
      since the Age of Enlightenment. It puts us face to
      face with the intimate comprehension of time whose
      tautology of the temporal irreversibility, and thus of
      causality, locks the scientific man in a circular
      reasoning, which led him to materialist thought on the
      basis of reducing and separatist bases. The author
      evokes the place allotted to conscience in the
      perception of reality and, therefore, the definition
      of Standard. We therefore understand why the
      unexplained facts are paranormal. Being based on the
      testimony of physicists, and reviewing the use of the
      parameter of "time" in the macroscopic and microscopic
      universe, the first chapter finishes with a
      mathematical contribution of new time designs proposed
      by various scientists.

      The coherence of this Theory Of Everything is global
      by even its name: Absolute Relativity. This one
      includes a vision radically different from temporal
      flow. Time is, for the author, fractal, discontinuous
      and three-dimensional, which is strictly verified by
      experiments and calculations. The author distinguishes
      cyclic time and temporality. He proposes the premises
      of a new mathematical formalism basing himself on the
      effective nature of physical sizes. Thus, starting
      from the same and unique fundamental principle, a
      considerable number of deductions lead, directly or
      indirectly, to the resolution of problems still not
      resolved by science:

      MACROSCOPIC ENIGMAS: Big-bang, missing mass of the
      universe, overspeed of stellar orbitations, violation
      of the Hubble law, lacunar and anisotropic nature of
      the universe, formation of galaxies.

      MICROSCOPIC ENIGMAS: stability and structure of an
      atom, nature of matter, entanglement, EPR paradox,
      chemical principles, entropy, negentropy,
      probabilistic and indeterminism laws, cords theory,

      PARANORMAL ENIGMAS: poltergeists, telepathy,
      telekinesis, levitation, precognition, retrocognition,
      materialization, cold or paralyses sensations.

      UFOLOGIC ENIGMAS: technology of ET vessels, crossing
      of long distances, Fermi paradox, surprising
      accelerations, antigravitation,
      materialization/dematerialization, luminous effects,
      absence of sound, absence of supersonic bang, absence
      of radar detection, truncated beams of light, changes
      in shape and size, formation of crops circles,
      abductions, time travels, psychic communications.

      It would not be about a global theory if the
      comprehension of spiritual laws was not integrated.
      However, it is also the case: unicity and nature of
      the universe, mystical experiences, purpose and nature
      of man, causal function.

      The work concludes with an explanation on the origin
      of misinformation with regards to UFOs which, there
      too, integrates itself perfectly in the overall
      coherence: dilemma of nuclear weapon, misinformation
      techniques, secret events and movements.

      The Science of Extraterrestrials is a major work
      whose unquestionable level of difficulty is largely
      compensated by a simple, direct, and finally very
      accessible language. It explains elaborated principles
      by making use of judicious metaphors. Also, a great
      number of illustrations come as support for these
      rigorous developments. This makes it a general public
      book all the while bringing concrete answers to
      demanding readers. Paranormal phenomena and UFO are
      here taken very seriously. For exact sciences like
      other disciplines, it is a true headstone!

      Is this for this reason that a strange silence,
      doubled with a misinformation campaign, occurred
      before its publication? Perhaps most astonishing comes
      from the origin of this new approach. According to the
      author, simple self-educated scientist, this work
      would have been inspired by ETs, which, with the
      explanation, corroborated by scientific observations
      like ufologic testimonies, proves to be probable and

      The author was a jet fighter pilot student, a
      military air controller, a twin-engine jet pilot in
      the business aviation, a lay-over chief employed by an
      airline company and an exploitation executive in large
      Parisian airports. He holds a Superior Specialized
      Studies Diploma in Economics on new technologies
      (University Aix-Marseilles II) and a certificate of
      Airport Senior Manager (manager of international
      airports) from the National School of Civil Aviation
      (Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile) (in partnership
      with Paris Airports).

      Eric Julien states to belong to no form of
      obedience. He is, on the contrary, in favor for more
      open free, with respect to the ecosystem and the
      noosphere. He condemns the sectarian and dogmatic
      drifts under any shapes and sizes. He gives homage to
      all those, known and less known, who take part in the
      emergence of a world of peace and truth.

      Comments of some scientific readers

      "If the hypothesis, fascinating I must admit, of
      Eric Julien is verified directly or indirectly, so
      yes, that would explain all the paranormal, I indeed
      say all the SUPERNATURAL, more exactly all the NATURAL
      NOT ALREADY EXPLAINED, and one must give to him the
      Nobel prize of physics".

      Michel Carmassi (Phd) French Physicist

      "The demonstration is convincing! ... I find the
      whole very well structured and interesting; as for the
      innovative aspect, not to worry."

      Michel Actis, Doctor in Physics, France.

      "I am happy to be useful to you. Your views on the
      phenomenon of time are very interesting to my
      colleagues and myself."

      Alexander Levich, Physicist, President of the
      Institute of Time Nature Exploration, Russia.

      "My opinion of this book is that it is highly
      coherent. ... It is okay that it is coherent, but it
      is not enough that the pieces all agree among
      themselves: do they agree with the reality of things?
      That is where it becomes interesting. In fact, its
      field of investigation ranges from the microscopic (a
      study of matter at the fundamental level, the internal
      structure of the wave of matter, the structure of the
      electron and of light, the structure of space and of
      time, fundamental forces, energy, heat, and so on) to
      the macroscopic (a study of the formation of the
      galaxies, of gravitation at the universal scale, of
      missing mass, and so on); giving explanations that are
      plausible, coherent, and in accordance with the
      observations that quantum physics and astrophysics
      have been able to provide but not to explain. ... In
      this sense, it lays the foundations of a new physics
      with a vision that is unifying and finally
      fundamentally simple (although abstract), meanwhile
      paying homage to the labors of those whose ideas have
      served him in the effort to make explicit, in
      scientific language, what he had in mind (Ari Letho,
      Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet, and so on). ... It becomes
      clear that his theory goes much further than what
      already exists, and that it is innovative. ... The
      coherence includes paranormal effects (psychic
      abilities, telepathy, displacement in the spiritual
      body, memory of dreams, and so on) and explanations
      relative to the effects of UFOs (displacement of the
      ships, various visual effects, missing time, creation
      of crop circles, radiant impacts on nature, and so
      on). There it becomes a theory of the super-all, but
      one that does not need all kinds of lumps to succeed
      in unifying the various elements: all is based on one
      unique concept."

      Pascal di Scala, Professor of Mathematics, France.

      “Having had scientific training (Centrale School
      Engineer Paris), I found in the book of Eric Julien a
      well argued development in favor of his absolute
      Relativity. This new approach, which upsets our usual
      concepts, seems me to propose solid answers to
      currently unsolved scientific problems. And, more
      important in my eyes still, absolute Relativity brings
      something essential for the comprehension of the
      spiritual world. I thus can only highly recommend the
      reading of this book to any person eager to understand
      who we are”.

      Philippe Pellaumail 44800 Saint-Herblain, France.

      "Eric Julien has worked much to assimilate the laws
      of physics in their latest development: limited and
      generalized relativity, quantum mechanics, cosmology.
      He uses his knowledge of these domains to draw up a
      theory that would explain the existence of
      extraterrestrials and how they would reach us, even
      living so far from us on the universal scale. ... This
      book is very clever, and being scientifically trained,
      I would have to study it closely to detect possible
      tricks. In any case this book is a scientific mine.
      Competent physicists would need to give their opinions
      on the method and the results. I am pleased to signal
      the enormous scientific work behind and the certain
      interest in this book beyond the polemics that it may
      engender here and there. ... This book deserves to be
      read for the scientific knowledge that it provides.

      Alain Pelosato, Editor in Chief of Science-Fiction

      Comments of some professional readers

      ” It is huge, it’s like a Copernicus revolution just
      like the one in every millennium in sciences. This
      may be the most important book ever published on UFOs.
      I am still suspicious of
      theories-that-explain-it-all, but this book blew me
      away and I am bluffed”.

      Michel Picard, author of Les OVNIs, laboratoire du
      futur (UFOs, Laboratory of Future)

      “I am still so impressed by your monumental Work
      that words are missing to express to you the state of
      plenitude in which it put me in since its discovery,
      as of its release. Following the good advice of Mr
      Gurdjieff, I finished his third reading at a rate of a
      good hour, daily. (Former teacher; to understand is
      one thing but it is still necessary to have the
      capacity to express it. What a book!) (…) Be deeply
      thanked. 45 years of research and experimentations
      overall propose many outcomes. You just delivered the
      Key. I remain startled. Not being of adulating
      nature, I confess to find myself, this time,
      exceptionally fulfilled. May your Extra-Knowledge
      finally illuminate this incipient millennium. Humbly”

      Michel Thomas, France.

      "I have no doubt of the great success that your work
      will have. ... I need to admit to you that I consider
      myself a skeptic, as much on the subject of religion
      as on the subject of extraterrestrials, but your book
      has attracted my interest and my scientific curiosity.
      Although the subject of UFOs did not especially appeal
      to me, which is to say that it was not a cause for
      concern in my life, your book is so well written and
      so well founded that I would really be pleased to
      translate it."

      Carlos Teixera, Translator, Brazil.

      "All that I can do is to define your work by what it
      is not; it is not at all superficial! The tone of the
      account is constructive and optimistic, the recourse
      to the first person plural engaging the reader in a
      direct dialogue with the author. The utmost interest
      is constantly maintained by means of the prescient
      questions scattered through the text."

      Sorina Sabau, Translator, Romania.

      "Eric Julien provides explanations that are
      plausible, coherent, and in my humble opinion as
      someone not expert in the domain of the sciences, also
      all new in the field of Ufology. One of the greatest
      virtues of the work is its total coherence and
      cohesion, as all the subjects dealt with are perfectly
      argued, developed, and justified with respect to the
      goal that it had set for itself. In addition, it is
      written in simple and direct language, without
      academic jargon, in a style that makes understanding
      it easy and makes reading it a truly pleasant pastime.
      ... I would like to offer you my congratulations, as
      you have created, in my opinion, a document that is
      truly intelligent, solid, well documented, and very
      pleasant to read."

      Cristina Rodriguez, Translator, Spain.

      "Among the books, so numerous, that enlighten us
      about the civilizations of the Extraterrestrials, and
      about paranormal phenomena such as UFOs, that of Eric
      Julien, The Science of the Extraterrestrials, seems to
      me to be unique. First, in a referential context, in
      full mastery of a fluid style of writing, by its logic
      of reasoning and the organization of its chapters, it
      provokes an internal conversation in the reader. Then,
      in order to convince, it argues as objectively as
      possible, adopting a didactic tone with a clear
      syntax, without ambiguity, without implications. It is
      a reading understandable to all; this is very
      important for the diffusion of its paradigm. As for
      the content of his work, it takes us to a Space-Time
      in comparison with which all that has been said and
      written is nothing! ... To go beyond our civilizations
      almost exclusively devoted to materialism, the work of
      Eric Julien permits me to be less pessimistic and to
      believe that the scientific community will look into
      his theory, certainly a breathtaking prospect: a great
      revolution of thought may change the course of our
      human evolution."

      Suzie Fontaine, University Professor, Italy.

      "I have glanced through the work, and it seems to me
      to be interesting and to provide precise answers. This
      is not the case with other Ufological books,
      reflecting more intellectual masturbation than
      level-headed reflection, as is the case in this book.
      I like the third part, which provides certain
      explanations about UFO appearances with diagrams to
      back them up, and responds to questioning (about
      propulsion, and so on). Regardless of its origin, I
      find that the manuscript is well put together, well
      written, readily understandable, and deserving of at
      least as much attention as the works constantly cited
      in reference although they have provided nothing new
      in 30 or 40 years."

      Bernard Thouanel, Editor in Chief of VSD Hors Serie
      specialised in UFOs, France.

      "Today, even if science has helped us to explain the
      appearance of lightning, one retains a sense of
      powerlessness before the UFO. The work is all the more
      daring as it sets out to broach the subject of and to
      explain, with the scientific means available, this
      mysterious and controversial phenomenon. I need to
      warn you that the point of view on the work is that of
      a translator, thus of just anyone who does not
      possess the scientific information necessary to grasp
      in depth the explanations offered, and thus to realize
      the dimensions of the discovery. ... If in the first
      part the reader is, little by little, familiarized
      with the problems that the discussion of this subject
      implies, in the second part the theory of Absolute
      Relativity will satisfy one's curiosity by offering
      responses to the questions that arise as fast as the
      reading proceeds. The successive stages, marks of
      philosophical reflections, provide fluidity to the
      writing, which becomes light, far from transforming
      itself into a strictly technical text. ... The
      explanations offered by the author make us enter
      another zone, and they aim at good sense and human
      capacity for understanding. The solution is simpler
      than expected: the structuring of time in 3
      dimensions, in combination with the space-time
      relationship. The reasoning is well constructed and
      relevant, and it lets it be understood that the
      explanation happened to be in our reach, that one
      needed to make only the slightest effort to make the
      great discovery oneself. At the same time, it shows us
      the limits of our thought, and the risks it runs by
      following prefabricated logic. There is no need to
      force oneself to use Amstrong's words ('one small step
      for a man, one giant leap for mankind') concerning
      this work. The idea that an explanation for UFOs has
      been found, this lightning in the sky of the
      primitives, makes us think that what remains to be
      discovered is spectacular. One realizes that humanity
      has entered a new epoch, a new stage of development.
      In conclusion, it is necessary to note the profoundly
      humanistic message at the end of the work, where the
      author seeks to move us away from the false conviction
      that ETs represent a menace to our existence by
      pointing out to us the real danger, humanity itself,
      from the errors it commits."

      Violeta Birtan, Translator, Romania.

      "The fundamental thing that Eric Julien requests of
      us is not to believe but to understand, to doubt our
      knowledge, because only through doubt can we show our
      intelligence and nourish it. ... 'Intellectual
      strabismus never leads to the truth.' A sentence that
      makes us think, that leaves us perplexed, because for
      the first time we are before a bifurcation: to doubt
      our knowledge and put in question all we have learned
      up to now, or instead to open our horizons and finally
      understand who we are in reality. But will we ever be
      in a position to brave such a journey?"

      Valentina Sommella, Translator, Italy.

      "Well, 'hats off,' and what a nice surprise, I just
      glanced through Eric Julien's book; it is a brick, but
      well spaced out by numerous diagrams and drawings.
      Diagrams sometimes of great complexity, sometimes of
      'lovely simplicity' without 'vulgar' vulgarization.
      ... It has taken its time to explain things well,
      point by point. All the same, the second part will
      remain reserved to the specialists, math aficionados,
      and lovers of modern theories--and others passionate
      about quantum physics. The neurons work, a little, or
      a lot to the point of insanity. ... The last part will
      please all, including the 'ground Ufologists' who will
      be able to compare their data with the theories of
      Eric Julien. I applaud Eric Julien, who has an
      impartial book there. ... The tone is cheerful and
      optimistic, and the literary style pleasant for such
      complex subjects."

      Didier Herbots, Ufologist, Belgium.

      "In view of the very rich and very incisive content,
      we can thank your publisher, as it is courageous. ...
      If people deign to contemplate your presentations of
      the nature of time, they will also be able to pose the
      good questions to themselves. ... Goodness, it
      includes some beautiful things! ... It is very well
      explained, a sheer marvel! ... And very impressive in
      its precision. The work that you have done is so
      powerful. ... It is BEAUTIFUL, what you explain. ... A
      thousand thanks again!"

      Bernard Goepp, France.

      "I have read many manuscripts of this type, so ...
      well, my surprise was not just considerable but
      overwhelming! ... The manuscript needs reading,
      reading at all costs! ... Truly an Adam-like man! His
      scaffolding of ideas, even insolent given the current
      erudition of certain points of view, but for all that
      not faulty, is not inclined to collapse; on the
      contrary, every page reveals to us arguments that one
      can not easily contradict. Understanding is put to the
      test for superficial readers, who can not realize that
      they are refuting a bedtime story! So much the worse
      for them!
      To cultivate the paradox, as principle and
      criterion, in order to inculcate in or even impose on
      the reader a reality that belongs to him and of which
      he is unaware, is quite redoubtable! But ... what an
      accomplishment for the reader! ... Its style and its
      writing are very easy, skipping along; ironic accents
      are not lacking, and there are assertions that awaken
      the interest and transport the reader to worlds never
      The text and the images find their appropriate place
      in the economy of the work. The importance of the
      ideation of the author, the depth of his analyses, so
      unusual, this magical universe, overwhelm and permit
      us at least to glimpse, if not to understand, what we
      really are, how our Universe properly speaking is
      defined, and in what manner it is to be envisaged!
      This author, writing at the start of the 21st
      Century (Einstein wrote at the start of the last
      century--coincidence?), makes us part of his very
      daring ideas, daring not only for the domain of
      mathematics (or contemporary physics) but also for
      other domains that fascinate and of which the abysses
      seem, apparently, uncontrollable by our weak
      intellectual capacity! But ... SURPRISE! The author
      opens for us a hidden window, almost never known! I
      invite you to look at the landscape! It is incredible
      and ... it is real!"

      Vasilica Rascanu, Senior Editor, Romania.

      "As for my opinion of the book, I think that it is
      revolutionary, an invitation to everyone with enough
      sensitivity and wisdom to understand that the material
      world is not the only truth, and that we are part of
      the evolution that continues in other spheres, not yet
      visible to us. ... I am sure that you are now so
      intrigued that you want to know more about it. I would
      like to invite you to open (yet further) your spirit,
      and to come with me on a voyage of exploration. Be
      among the explorers of the new world of your
      generation, and do not miss this chance!"

      Karin Lemmen, Translator, Holland.

      "The book is more than excellent in its ideas and
      its style. ... I have had a wonderful adventure. Thank

      Nahed Ragai, Translator, Egypt.
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