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ROBOlympics - Only one month left to register!

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  • David Calkins - RSA
    The largest robot competition in America is back - and even larger! Last year, 400 robots came from 11 different countries. Don t miss out this year! Come
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2005
      The largest robot competition in America is back - and even larger! Last year, 400 robots came from 11 different countries. Don't miss out this year! Come compete against the most diverse robot builders on the planet.

      Robolympics is being held March 25-27th, 2005 at San Francisco State University, and is co-sponsored by SFSU, the Robotics Society of America, and WowWee.

      We've moved from the 50,000 ft sq Fort Mason pavilion to SFSU with over 100,000 square feet! This lets us have separate buildings for each events - sumos get their own area, soccer gets it's own area, combat its own, etc. (there were complaints about combat robot noise, so non-combat robots need not worry - we have 5 separate buildings this year!) This is the largest robot competition in history!

      We really want to see more robots registered - especially non-combat robots. If you've got sumos, fire-fighters, beam bots, a soccer team, legos, old FIRST bots, or a home-brew bot you've been wanting to show off - BRING IT! With two and a half months til the show, you've still got time to build, tweak, hack, and weld some bots into shape - or just dust off the old ones. There is $28,220 in prize money!

      You MUST pre-register - registration closes Feb 27th - do NOT wait til the last day or your event might have filled up (32 slots/event.)

      Even if you can't bring your own robot, come to see the huge assortment of robots present: bi-peds, soccer bots, legos, exo-skeletons, combots, two-wheeled balancers - they'll all be here!

      While most cities have small robot events, this is the one robot show that you should not miss. For robot sports to be taken seriously, we really need to show the world all the different events at once.

      All events have cash prizes and incredible Gold/Silver/Bronze medals with scrolling LED displays (courtesy of Winchell Design and Parallax, Inc.)

      Students 17 and under pay no entry fees!

      For a complete list of all events, go to

      Don't miss this years event! Last year we were covered by everyone from CNN and Wired to Radio Toyota and USA Today. For some of the press (including videos) from last year, go to


      * Robot Soccer: Autonomous robots search for the ball and try to score,
      just like the real thing! Three classes.

      * Sumo: 5 different weight classes. The easiest bot to build. What
      are you waiting for?

      * Fire-Fighting: Using the Trinity Rules,

      * Maze Solving: Got a micromouse? Built something better? Here's you
      chance to show off.

      * Walker Challenge: All non-biped walkers compete to find out who's fastest.

      * Biped Race: Got a biped? race it against the other bi-peds to see who's

      * Robot Triathlon: Just like the human version, Robots complete a three-
      stage race: legs, wheels, and water. Robot Triathlon was invented just
      for this event!

      * The Line Slalom: Break out your line-follower

      * Ribbon Climber: Last year's winner got $1000 and a trip to Washington DC.
      This important event

      * Lego Challenge: Lap running robots. Simple concept, hard to finish.

      * Lego Open: Build your craziest Mindstorms bot and show it off.

      * Aibo Performer: Competitors program their Aibos to perform tricks or

      * Balancer Race: Two-wheeled balancing robots match programming for
      agility and balancing power.

      * Best of Show: Those bots that don't fit into other classes get their
      chance to shine here!

      * Robomagellan: Remember DARPA? This similar concept will test the
      finest builders!

      * BEAM: Three different events for the analog builders. Special guest judge!

      * Exo-skeleton: Contestants build human-assisted metal exoskeletons that
      compete in lifting, and carrying contests. This event truly combines the
      best of man and machine!

      * Combat: You either love it or you hate it. If you love it, bring your
      robot and compete against the best.

      * Robo-One: Imported from Japan by Robolympics, robo-one are bipedal
      humanoid robots capable of astounding stunts. From the most delicate tasks
      like door opening and one-legged balance, to stair climbing and free-form
      demonstrations of agility, these machines amaze with every movement.

      * Art Bots: New event! Art bots can be anything from delicate automata that
      serve tea to a crashing, banging one-robot band! Four categories!

      * Junior League (<18 yr old): Competitions designed especially for the young
      engineers among us. Events include: 500g sumo robots, 3 different lego
      events, 120 pound combat, BasketBall Challenge (like US First), and
      HandyBoard Ball (like BotBall).

      -David E. Calkins
      Robotics Professor, San Francisco State Univ.
      President, Robotics Society of America
      Founder, ROBOlympics

      "Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."
      - Teddy Roosevelt
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