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  • Duane C. Johnson
    Hi Andrew and All; Andrew Hill wrote: Don t forget this site: Bob Lazar s United Nuclear: http://unitednuclear.com/ Sulfur:
    Message 1 of 64 , Nov 16, 2011
      Hi Andrew and All;

      Andrew Hill <curly.drew@...> wrote:

      Don't forget this site:
      Bob Lazar's United Nuclear:
      Ya, the Area 51 guy.
      He sells almost anything.


      > Hardware store drew a blank - I'm not sure a school would be
      > particularly receptive to someone asking for (even minimal)
      > amounts of classroom resources given current economic
      > conditions.

      > Good point though - you made me realize I hadn't tried eBay,
      > looks like it's used quite a lot, from homeopathy and other
      > miracle cures to soil improvement and pet treatments - not
      > sure on the efficacy of any of those but provided it's
      > largely sulfur it looks like it should work. I've picked up
      > a small amount, should arrive within a week.

      > I'll keep you updated,

      > Thanks,
      > Andrew


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    • <rlnansel@...>
      Well, fsck me sideways with a broom! All these years I ve been hallucinating that R in memistor. You are, of course, right. Still, it seems to me a
      Message 64 of 64 , Jan 29, 2014

        Well, fsck me sideways with a broom! All these years I've been hallucinating that  "R" in memistor. You are, of course, right.

        Still, it seems to me a 3-terminal device would be handier than a 2-terminal device because then one could use the "neurons that fire together wire together" algorithm to automatically adjust the resistances of memistor synaptic weights.

        During normal operation the memister works like an ordinary resistor, but during the adaptation mode (between firings?)  inactive-exicitory and inactive-inhibitory memistors are left alone, while each memistor element that was active-exicitory when the neuron fired gets a dose of plating current to decrease resistance,  and active-inhibitory memisters get reverse plating current to increase resistance.

        There is the added complication that the old memistors used AC current during normal resistance mode (presumably to prevent plating action), but with modern semiconductor circuits it might not be necessary since the plating control electrode could be shorted to one end of the resistance with a transistor switch. Just thinking out loud, here.


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