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SICOBAIR 2009,Call for abstract!

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  • Hoda Javadi
    Dear friends, I wish you all a very merry and cheerful Christmas with lots of love and warmth and I hope that 2009 will bring you all a lot of health,
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      Dear friends,
      I wish you all a very merry and cheerful Christmas with lots of love and warmth and I hope that 2009 will bring you all a lot of health, prosperity, and happiness!

      We cordially invite you to participate in SICOBAIR 2009. You can find a brief description of the conference below, and more complete info in the conference website.
      I would be grateful if you forward this email to your friends.Additionally, this is an interdisciplinary conference, so you can send it for your engineer friends as well!
      Merry christmas and happy New Year,
      Hoda Javadi,
      Head of International Relations,
      SICOBAIR 2009
      If you cannot see this email, please click here .

      The Conference

      SICOBAIR (Students' International Conference on Biomedical and Interdisciplinary Research) is going to be held from 19 – 22 May 2009 in Tehran, the capital of Iran, by Iran University of Medical Sciences.
      We are holding SICOBAIR as one of the first interdisciplinary students' meetings, gathering young researchers from different fields, and providing a milieu for exchanging experiences and viewpoints.
      The scientific program of the conference is one of the best ones in students' conferences. We have made the conference the best educational environment possible; there are plenary sessions and workshops on cutting-edge science and research methodology. Every presentation is followed by appraisal of the research project by our experienced reviewing team, and this makes every session an educational medium, as well.
      There are various methods of active participation, including presenting research results (oral or poster), running scientific workshops, coordinating meetings, and becoming a reviewer of the conference.
      In Research Entities Assembly, research centers, students' associations and conferences, biomedical journals, and the like are provided with boothes or tables to represent themselves using publications, multimedia, etc and give the participants their contact info for possible future collaborations.
      There are various awards, including the best research project in each session, the best novel idea, the best study design, the best workshop, the best meeting, and the best of bests award. There is also a best passive participant award, which goes to the passive participant who asks the most relevant questions and gives the best comments during oral presentations.
      More than 100 topics as well as various study types, including basic, clinical, and secondary research, are covered this year. For more information about the conference scientific program, please visit our website.


      • All active participants are entirely granted by Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education for registration and accommodation fees
      • Various methods of active participation
      • Plenary sessions and workshops on cutting-edge science and research methodology by well-known professors and prominent students
      • Satellite programs, from live operations to visiting some world-class research centers
      • Creative scientific programs, from breakfast meetings to outdoor workshops
      • Research Entities Assembly
      • Various awards, even passive participants can win an award!
      • Glorious venue, huge city, and friendly environment!

      Rhazes International Convention Center, located in the main campus of Iran University of Medical Sciences, is one of the largest and most prestigious convention centers in the country, at which lots of well-known international and local conferences are held. Its equipments include a 1060 seat main hall, two 300 seat lecture halls, four workshop halls, a computer center, a language laboratory, and exhibition halls, in addition to magnificent dining and VIP rooms.
      Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) is one of the largest medical and educational complexes in the country. The University operates six schools, eleven research centers, two institutes, thirteen teaching and fifteen non-teaching hospitals.
      IUMS School of Medicine is the best in the national ranking of cardiology, pulmonology, emergency medicine, and orthopedics. Three IUMS research centers are introduced as the research pole in the country by Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, including Otolaryngology Research Center, Iran Ophthalmology Research Center, and Mental Health Research Center.
      IUMS main campus is placed in the northwestern part of Tehran on a hill shared with Milad Hospital and the striking Milad Tower Complex.


      Tehran, the capital and largest city of Iran, is located at the foot of Alborz mountain range, the highest point in southwestern Asia. With a population of 15 million, it contains a mix of various ethnic groups, which has led to nickname the city as "City of 72 Nations". Tehran is famous for its immense network of highways, some of the highest ski resorts in the world, excellent museums, unique palace complexes, and incomparable parks. It is also the academic, commercial, and industrial center of Iran.
      During SICOBAIR 2009 social program, we will visit Tehran's symbol, Milad Tower, which is the world's fourth tallest tower, and has the world's largest construction on its tip among such towers. You can see lots of tall buildings all around the city.
      Tehran's climate can be generally described as mild in spring, hot and dry in summer, cool and rainy in fall, and cold and snowy in winter. In May, when SICOBAIR is about to happen, the temperature is between 16 and 28 degrees Celsius, with an average of 22. Short duration showers may happen during May.
      Tehran is a huge city with lots of cultural and natural attractions making it very interesting to visit. We are waiting for you to meet here in our city!
      Gate of Nations, Persepolis

      Rhazes International Convention Center

      Milad Tower
      Tehran's skyline
      Additional info

      Please visit our website for the complete list of topics, scientific program, guidelines for participation, awards and prizes, travel grants, social program, and travel and visa information.
      We, in International Affairs Committee of SICOBAIR 2009, are ready to answer all of your questions and support you in anyway we can.
      Additionally, we are pleased to make contact with other conferences and societies for having cooperation with them. Just contact us!

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