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Re: [beam] placebo effect in turbots

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  • George Herzog
    I am deeply honored to receive an email from the esteemed Wilf Rigter, but you seem to have gotten to the wrong address. I have enjoyed everything I have seen
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 3, 2005
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      I am deeply honored to receive an email from the
      esteemed Wilf Rigter, but you seem to have gotten to
      the wrong address.

      I have enjoyed everything I have seen of your and once
      again your comments here are thought provoking.

      I am also try to build a little turbot, but haven't
      quite gotten the time and parts together.

      I particualarly have enjoyed your improvements on
      H-bridging as I have BasicStamps that need them to
      drive motors in lieu of servos.

      In sum, keep up the good work.

      Warm regards from Taiwan,
      George Herzog

      --- Wilf Rigter <wrigter@...> wrote:

      > Hi Aj,
      > i too have always been interested in pure physical
      > or mechanical devices which have some inherently
      > self-organizing or emergent behaviors. In this
      > study of a purely electromechanical vehicle, you
      > show that "uncontrolled" dynamic behavior of this
      > simplest possible turbot has some interesting
      > capabilities. A simple vehicle with two drive
      > wheels driven in phase (without a circuit) would
      > probably just roll in a straight line until it
      > encountered an obstacle and then get stuck. With the
      > two motors driven out of phase, the wheeled vehicle
      > would twirl like a symet and show more complex
      > reactions with obstacles.
      > The turbot mechanism itself seems provides a good
      > solution to obstruction "disengagement".
      > Does it ever get stuck? Can you post a video?
      > Now control circuits for a wheeled vehicle are
      > relatively easy but for all but the simplest
      > circuits, controlling a turbot is difficult .
      > Until recently, the only circuits we had discussed
      > were "charge and fire" engines for solar powered
      > turbots perhaps with up/down sensing to enable a
      > specific solar cell or motor.
      > Wolfgang is investigating more complex Turbot
      > control circuits but i don't know if it has made the
      > behavior more purposeful or more chaotic.
      > Speaking of placebos , i recently heard
      > pharmaceutical companies were accused of
      > deliberately excluding certain ethnic groups from
      > drug studies because these groups statistically
      > showed such a strong positive response to placebos.
      > But don't worry, the folks at Drugs Inc. are working
      > hard on a pill to cure the people who suffer from
      > this placebo effect syndrome.
      > wilf
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Ajay Bhoj
      > To: beam@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2005 2:18 AM
      > Subject: [beam] placebo effect in turbots
      > Hi,
      > i was just thinking abt the complex behaviour in
      > turbots and am building one myself. So just to
      > study
      > the dynamics of motion, i took 2 GM motors and
      > attached flagella to both and built the turbot
      > structure with a PWB; then i shorted the motors
      > and
      > attached the batteries(no circuitry so far) and i
      > was
      > in for a surprise. Just left it on the ground and
      > it
      > was tumbling and toppling, able to move around
      > chairs
      > and table legs, the motors were moving in-phase
      > when
      > there was no obstruction and out of phase when one
      > of
      > them got stuck, but eventually it got out of every
      > obstruction. I think it was due to the back emf
      > generated by the GM's. So after this i was just
      > wondering if it is of any use at all to put in any
      > kind of circuitry into it!
      > Aj
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