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61367Re: miller solar engine + arduino?

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  • Charles Eubanks
    Jun 23, 2014
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      ok thanks - good to hear to I don't waste effort trying that route.. Id hoped there might be some better efficiency in a BEAM route.  I will see if I can get the low power sleep method to work then!

      On Monday, June 23, 2014, curbwax@... [beam] <beam@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      I cannot tell you much about arduino, but I have done the same with picaxe. I have to say I think it is more efficient than any other SE I have built. A quick check of the ATmega32U4 datasheet confirms that they can be very low power if you disable BOD, ADC, and other unused components, and use the internal resonator at a low clock speed instead of the external crystal.

      I don't know what library etc you might need, but I know the program size for PWM/flashing LED's and a solar engine will be trivial compared to the space available. I don't think you need a library to sleep, but I could be wrong.

      Here is my Picaxe turbot by the way: Geppetto's Workbench: BEAM/Picaxe 20x2 Turbot
      Geppetto's Workbench: BEAM/Picaxe 20x2 Turbot
      Well... I finally wrapped up the little Turbot I have been working on. A Turbot is a robot that moves about using spinning flagella (arms) much like a bacteria mov...
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