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61355Re: [beam] BEAM colony trails idea

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  • rlnansel@...
    Jun 7, 2014
      I've located a supplier of magnetic latex paintThe company is Visual Magnetics, and they make a number of magnetic products, including laser-printable polyester sheets backed with a thin magnetised layer of what I believe is essentially refrigerator magnet material (viz, iron oxide in polymer binder).

      "ActiveWall Micro-iron Latex Primer" is the paint, and I'm supposing it comes not magnetised because it's just to make walls ferromagnetic enough that magnetised graphic sheets will stick to them. It's a bit pricey at $38AU per litre, but that should cover about 2.5 m**2. The only question I have is which iron oxide they use in their mix, because only iron (III) oxide has the right coercivity and remanence properties to record on magnetically. The primer is black, so I suspect it may be iron (I) oxide, and that won't work.

      If the paint won't work, though, I could get a reel of 2-inch studio mastering tape on ebay for a reasonable price (at least before shipping). It would be a much easier process to make a large running surface using 2-inch wide strips glued down side by side than using 1/2-inch video tape.

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