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61353Re: BEAM colony trails idea

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    Jun 3, 2014
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      A correction about the effect of stereo head (SH) azimuth error on the readback of a mono track. I stated that as long as the SH was centred in the mono track that the signals for L and R transducers of SH would be the same. This would be true if the SH could pick up DC magnetisation values from the tape and if the mono track itself was magnetised in a continuous orientation. Neither of these things is true, however.

      Because the mono head (MH) is writing a single pulses the width of the head, an azimuth error on the Herbie's heading on the track results in a phase difference between the signals picked up by L and R. When RH isn't centred on the mono track there will also be an amplitude difference between L & R.

      This is good news, because servoing on phase as well as amplitude will give a Herbie mag tracker more precise way of following the mag track. Small heading deviations result in a phase error signal, but larger heading errors give an amplitude error signal, too.


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