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61351Re: [beam] BEAM colony trails idea

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  • rlnansel@...
    Jun 2, 2014
      Conceptually, nothing would beat the simplicity of just sprinkling rouge on a sticky surface. But getting an even, smooth layer with no clumps might be quite difficult. Then, too, as the inventors of the first video recorder in the 19050s discovered, iron oxide is quite an efficient abrasive, so much so that their video heads only lasted a few plays with their very first tape surface formulations which lacked efficient glazing and lubrication layers. Still, if a typical robot moves about the same linear speed range as cassettes and microcassettes (roughly 1 to 4 cm/s), wear wouldn't be as acute a problem as with video recording. (VCR helical scan gives an effective linear speed of nearly 6 m/s, more than a hundred times faster than audio tape speeds.)

      Seems to me Tim Hunkin did something of this sort in one of his Secret Life of Machines videos, where he managed to sprinkle rust powder onto the sticky side of a strip of scotch tape. He was frankly amazed to get any sound at all from his jerry-rigged setup, and it was definitely not hi-fi. 

      The magnetic paint idea might work. Has anybody used this stuff? How smooth a finish can it produce?

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