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61346Re: [beam] Bridge Tied Load (BTL) amps for Herbie-inspired rovers

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  • rlnansel@...
    May 31, 2014
      Some other possibilities would be using stereo BTL amps with differential inputs, so two motors could be driven with one chip. Differential input & BTL output devices that are more popular these days with lower supply voltages because differential input mode provides better signal to noise ratios with restricted voltage swing, and BTL provides 4 times the power capability as single-ended output amps.

      One chip I'm looking at is the TPA6021A4 which has two independent diff. in, BTL out amps on a 20-pin DIP. It also has some intriguing controls, including a 32-step -40 dB to 20 dB gain control input pin (voltage controlled), a mute pin (85dB), and a FADE pin (a mute function that gradually fades in or out 85dB). Properly heatsinked the package can handle up to 2W, but it has a quiescent current of 9mA, typical 1 uA shutdown current.

      Unfortunately, these chips cost 3 or 4 times as much as plain old LM386 chips, which is an important consideration for me since I plan to build twenty or more of these beasties.


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