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61303RE: Cheapo linear actuator using a pager motor?

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  • robots42
    Feb 6, 2014
      Well maybe that is the trouble with robotics, it requires engineering ability. Scavenging for ready made parts is useless without the ability to learn how to do the mechanical engineering to make them all work together. If you look at and handle MWT's early bots (as I have) you will se that they are exquisite pieces of engineering without any of the 'oh we need a...  - lathe, 3D-printed parts, carbon-fibre, titanium molybdenum alloy, you name any of the excuses put forward by roboticists' - being required. Cutters, pliers,a soldering iron and maybe a file plus manual dexterity and ingenuity were seemingly all he needed, even for the prototype of RoboSapien.
      It is also important to know what went on in the dark worlds of mechanical and electrical engineering before everything was virtual through a computer screen. As has been said 'Those ignorant of the past are doomed to reinvent it (if they are clever enough)'. And if you have to spend your time reinventing the past you never have time to invent the future.
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