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61298Re: [beam] Cheapo linear actuator using a pager motor?

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  • Martin McKee
    Feb 6, 2014
      I've not seen that exact design used before, but, of course, just about ever steam power locomotive ( or steam engine in general ), over their last century of active use, used a governor just like that, and quite successfully.  I think the main  concern I would have would be in finding the right balance of weights, governor size, and spring tension to match the motor power and generate the desired movement with sufficient force.  It could work quite well, but I'd expect it to take some fiddling.

      Martin Jay McKee

      On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 3:39 AM, <rlnansel@...> wrote:

      Here's the basic idea: a miniature fly ball governor-type mechanism coupled directly to a pager motor shaft. At rest the fly weights are drawn close together near the motor shaft axis. When the motor spins the weights fly out radially, and the scissor-linkage bars pull the loose collar axially along the shaft axis. The pull bar is a loose running fit so, though the flaball mechanism is rotating, the pull bar does not rotate. An extensional spring provides the restoring force when the motor stops.

      Has anyone tried something like this?


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