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61269Re: [beam] RE: New project under way

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  • Martin McKee
    Jan 19, 2014
      Wish I could help.  Analog was never my strongest suit and, beyond that, I've not done anything with monocores beyond studying them once every couple of years. Thinking about it, however, I'm not really sure what the question is.  The primary difference between a grounded bicore and a suspended bicore is in lifting the resistors to a connection at a virtual ground ( removing the ground ).  The monocore already is without grounded resistors.  As to the use of schmitt trigger inverters, the waveforms do seem to allow for that though, of course, it will lose some sensitivity to noise and may fail to start reliably as a result.

      Martin Jay McKee

      On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 9:53 AM, <connor_ramsey@...> wrote:


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