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61260Re: [beam] Memristor

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  • winglabs_inc
    Jan 7, 2014
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      Ooh, so your actually aiming for a standardized piece? Well then, when you have the final design, maybe I can build a machine that produces them? Takes copper-clad boards, cuts them to size, prints patterns onto each  and etches them, applies your sulfur-alcohol mixture to the one, cooks them at an undetermined temperature for an undetermined amount of time(perhaps with an undetermined catalyst), then it cuts and drills the silicone sheet, fits the bearings into it, presses the boards to it at either face(perhaps heating the silicone first, then cooling it, so that friction holds the circuit together), solders on the pins, then molds an opaque casing around finished product and prints a serial number. It sounds complicated the way I put it, but the process seems simple and repeatable enough that a home built industrial robot could successfully carry out the task. It may emulate a simple flowchart language, with commands like GRAB, MOVE [X] [Y] [Z], DROP, etc., so that I can write the sequence in nearly plain English.

      Any thoughts? Enjoy, Connor.
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