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61255Re: [beam] RE: New project under way

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  • winglabs_inc
    Jan 1, 2014
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      Thanks, it is precisely a horse-and-rider configuration. I like the multilevel structure because it can actually make complex behaviors simpler to encode. In this case, the controller board still has semi-direct influence over the robot's actuation, but the "horse" component can autonomously compensate for physical difficulties, using simple circuitry built right around the motors, and without the AI having to even know. This has the potential to significantly chop down the dimensions of the algorithm, because it doesn't have to include any facilities for environmental compatibility. As far as the AI knows, it exists on a two-dimensional plane filled with one-dimensional objects and lighting, as gathered through it's limited senses. Thus, the algorithm becomes much more straightforward to a less experienced coder like myself, and development can move along faster, because adaptation is implied to occur. Aside from that, I prefer minimalism in my designs, as well as elegance. So it's entirely a matter of choice as whether to use BEAM or a small uC for the "horse" control level, but either way, I think a horse and rider configuration is the most elegant option for environmentally tolerant bots.

      Enjoy, Connor
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