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  • winglabs_inc
    Dec 29, 2013
      So I just got my first Arduino board out of the box! The Arduino micro board. Along with that I was able to afford one ultrasonic distance sensor, and a micro servo(which appears to be analog). I also got a new 40w soldering iron recently, so I can finally start experimenting once again! My itinerary for these items is to construct a uniwalker style creature. All I still need is a small PCB, a wheel pot(I already have two lying around somewhere), two photodiodes(ditto, already conjoined), a battery holder, and something to fashion a wheel out of. I also have a 6V solar panel lying around, so that may come in handy for both keeping the robot charged and adding structural robustness. Which means I also need a few more parts for power management, but I can get those easily.
       I may add a BEAM core to interface between the uC and the servo. If power becomes too low, the bot cuts power to the Arduino, seeks out the nearest power source, and slows to charge. This core also monitors leg angle so that it can free itself from obstacles[that the range sensor would otherwise detect]. Also, the core may overpower the Arduino's commands if it senses danger. This way, I make it nearly impossible to program the bot in such a way that causes it harm, eliminating the "robot banging itself to death on a table" stage of AI development that many roboticists must be familiar with, and more notably, preserving my precious creation in the field. So don't tell me that BEAM has no place in serious robotics!

      Enjoy, Connor
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