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  • winglabs_inc
    Dec 25, 2013
      I'd prefer to source the decay pulse via neural input. If you think about it, this way the decay pulse can also be utilized as a regenerative pulse. If a neuron outputs to its own decay input, then every time the neuron fires, it will decrement its weight, but then quickly increment it again, effectively regenerating the neuron's condition. Also, I would like to suggest an improvement on your design: a multiple input NOR gate hooked up to the weight accumulator, so that when the weight is 0, the NOR gate triggers an oscillator that bypasses the comparator to produce a constant series of output pulses. This makes sense because the neuron then requires 0 input pulses to give an output pulse.
      Anyway, the way I wanted to connect the neurons in my ZISC computer was by having the most active neurons processed first, but for that I need a compact multiple input binary comparator design to integrate into the neurons. Since I don't have such a thing at my disposal, I can't currently do that. So I'm using Bruce's H-net to serially process all neurons in numerical order. Each output pulse is buffered and sent to two places: 1) a pulse encoder, that encodes the pulse into its neuron's address value and sends it to the main bus, and 2) directly to an H-gate input. The output of each H-gate enables its encoder section, and thus queues the output to be sent. Obviously the H-net will handle numerically smaller addresses first, working its way up by nearest activated neuron. If any preceding neurons are triggered during the process, the H-net will skip back to them before proceeding. So in a way, the H-net does allow the computer to branch.
      Of course, I suppose that organizing the processes by weight would bear no difference, seeing that the transmission system has to get every output to every input before each global pulse anyway, meaning that it would have no advantage over an H-net based system. But yes, the goal is to bus everything everywhere in between global pulses, so that everything is sure to be processed.

      Enjoy, Connor
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