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  • David Buckley
    Aug 28, 2013
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      Well I read them all.
      Now I am sure a lot of us have mountains of such ideas stashed in boxes somewhere.
      The reason they are stashed away is that they are history, they were dreams, they were not realisable, generally they relied upon some unavailable technology so not being funded by DARPA posed a problem.
      I noticed in one of the posts (unless I am mistaken) the modern idiom of 'I have made' when really the phrase should have been 'I've noted down some rough ideas'. People do it all the time 'see what I have made' and it is a drawing in CAD which is obviously never going to work in the real world.
      For Beam to survive it has to show it has something to offer. So far I have not seen any Beam critters perform better than those of MT let alone perform as well as processor based robots of today. Even a $30 or so servo based quadruped kit walks better than MT's Spyder and has a far richer behaviour.
      So Wolfgang, you are right, building something is the crux of the matter.
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      "You know, I was kind of figuring that would have been met with a greater response. I must be alone on here again."

      Build. Share. Repeat. I have seen, over the years, that process is the best way to engage (and awaken) the BEAM community. 

      I feel your excitement. I see your posts. You have some great ideas. Now it is time to go forth and build. 

      I look forward to seeing what you share.


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