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61135Re: [beam] BEAM and PICAXE

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  • David Buckley
    Jun 16, 2013
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      Hi Edward
      Yes that is ok, my website is on the web after all.
      What goes on in the G+ group Robots and Education.
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      Do you mind if I share your site on the G+ group Robots and Education?


      Edward Iglesias

      On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 9:43 PM, David Buckley <david@...> wrote:

      Actually a lot of my robots are based on the BasicStamp-2, (PicAxe copied the Basic from the Stamp-1) and I do use PicAxes as well but the (for me) slow download times (compared to the BS2) means I don't find them as easy to use. Ok PicAxe have A/Ds and some have more memory but they don't have labels into DATA space.
      Back in 1980 I was using CMOS logic chips and resistors and capacitors to form a robot brain, much like Beam circuits
      Even though I use microcontrollers and programming languages my programs use a number of hormonal variables - that is variables which increment and/or decrement over time which guide what the robots do, much as was happening in those CMOS circuits.
      And just as it is difficult to make Beam circuits do complicated sorts of things that microcontrollers excel at it is also difficult to use hormonal variables to control what the robot does. However it does give them a richer behaviour.
      My approach is to use the language Basic/C etc to build a virtual brain with the necessary connections to motors and sensors etc and then run in that brain a program which is composed of messages/triggers which are mediated by the hormonal variables - actually the variables which instantiate the behaviour. So to change what the robot does I change those messages but I don't rewrite the code for the brain unless I want to add other functionality.
      What this means is that if you ask me what the robot is going to do next I am not sure because I can't see the state of the hormonal variables.
      But I feel it is the way forward as my robots really never get stuck in loops for very long and occasionally strange things happen.
      Escape attempts 1 and 2
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      From: Gymfuzz
      Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2013 1:30 AM
      Subject: [beam] BEAM and PICAXE


      Anyone have any experience with blending BEAM with PICAXE?


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