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61086Re: [beam] This is only half BEAM related.

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    Dec 11, 2012
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      On 2012-12-11 8:53 AM, connor_ramsey@... wrote:
      > So I was wondering: could an H-switch network be used
      > to process binary logic?
      Why would you want to?

      > Because H-switches ARE digital circuits,
      Not really. They're actually conceptual black boxes with binary (or
      logical) inputs and outputs.

      > and they've already proven themselves to be effective
      > CUs(Control Unit).
      Got any examples? I've been out of touch.

      > So my question is: is it possible that if H-switches
      > were to be wired up in such a way that the the network
      > would perform as an ALU? Would 00001010 and 10000101
      > give you 00000101(would 10 and -5 give you 5)?
      Why not just use binary logic chips, or better yet, a CPU? It'd be much
      more compact.

      > And would the CU be able to process the machine
      > instructions it was being given into more machine
      > instructions?
      Yes, but again, why not use binary logic, or a processor?

      > And if an H-net were capable of doing all these things,
      > would it be able to do it in fewer steps than a traditional
      > processor, or do it with far fewer inverters?
      It would depend entirely on the implementation.

      > And can an H-net be programmed?
      If you implemented it in a CPU, it could certainly be programmed; but
      what would you gain from it?

      > Let's think about that.
      I did, quite a while ago.

      The H-switch is a concept, that's all. It's not a physical device, just
      a shorthand way of systematically defining a hierarchy of behaviours.

      If I wanted to experiment with a modest hierarchical control system, I
      might be inclined to build some H-switches using AND gates and NOT gates
      (i.e., inverters), or possible just inverters, diodes, and resistors.
      But I'd only do that if I figured I would be changing things around a lot.

      I doubt that I would ever build a physical device using actual
      H-switches. Too many components.

      For what it's worth ...

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