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6106Re: [beam] A question way over this beginners head!!!

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  • Bruce Robinson
    Oct 1, 2000
      battlewear@... wrote:
      > A bot, using 2 photodiodes to pick up light.. and 2 microphones
      > to pick up sound.. Now, what I am wondering is is there a way
      > to set up a logic circuit ( about the only name I am able to
      > call it at this point ) where if 1 eye see's more light it will
      > cause the bot to turn in that direction, but if there is a amount
      > of sound over a certian db that those signals will be over ridden
      > and special capciters fire causing the bot to run away from the
      > sound??

      I think it can be done, Jason. I've fooled around with this sort of
      thing a bit, but never one quite this complicated.

      In very general terms:

      - a bicore sends a series of short pulses to 4 Nv neurons (1 per
      eye and 1 per ear).
      - the Nv neurons have varying delays, which are determined by
      the photocells and the microphones. Note: Wilf's Beamsonic
      circuit describes a 2-transistor amplifier for the mics.
      - a pair of Nu circuits filter the sound signal, so it must
      be above a certain level before it will pass.
      - The outputs from the Nu meurons (sound) and the eye Nv neurons
      are brought together into a pair of Nu neurons which act somewhat
      like counters: it takes several pulses to make them fire. Whichever
      one fires first turns off the other, so the "winner" takes charge
      of turning the robot.
      - If a sound signal passes through the filter, it grounds the
      eye Nv's so they can't send any signals. This means the sound will
      dominate if it is loud enough.

      This would involve cobbling together a portion of the Beamsonics circuit
      with the Nu comparitor that Droidmakr just told us about, plus a couple
      or three additional neurons.

      Yet another interesting circuit to play with -- when I (or hopefully
      someone else) has time.

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