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60806Self introduction and my bots!

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  • nakazoto_fc
    Mar 3, 2012
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      Hello all!

      This would be my first post, so I figured it would best be spent introducing myself!  (It should be noted that I'm new to this whole Yahoo Groups thing, so if this post goes completely awry I apologize!)  My name's David and I have essentially two hobbies: restoring classic cars and robots.  I was very interested in BEAM robotics a few years ago and then I fell out of touch with them for a while.  This last winter I picked up the soldering iron again and dove in headfirst! 

      I started off with the familiar, the FRED Photopopper.  I built three of these, all of which can be seen here:

      Then I moved on to a Symet (which is rocking eight capacitors and the EZSE) which can be seen here:

      My most recent concoction is a crawler built using Wilf's uCrawler as a design template.  I added some solar cells and a circuit with an LDR to stop the bot in bright sunlight and let it charge the batteries up.  When the light fades out or a shadow gets in the way, the bot starts walking along searching for the bright sunlight again!  Tons of pictures and the full story here (there's 3 pages, so make sure you click through to the third page to see the completed bot):

      Thank you guys for keeping the BEAM robotics community alive as this place has been an excellent resource!  I hope I can integrate into the community and potentially become a regular contributor.

      Thanks for looking guys!
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