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59998BMW beam car is finished

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  • Marcin
    May 6 1:00 PM
      Hello. I have finally finished the BMW (car) robot :) .To be honest I finished it 3 weeks ago but I forgotten to post the results. It works quite good. I need to make some better tactile sensors and it could be a little bit slower but these are details. I have no photos because I gave it to my school for a while(but it will be back). BMW is a beam based on a RC car model. It';s nothing new I've used only the Reverser circuit with a H-bridge (NPN on input) and 555chip based servo controller(I've replaced the original steering mechanism with a 9g servo). I don't really understand why reverser works like "or" (when the "reversing" channel switch on, normal channel dies) when I added the LED diode on second output. So it would be nice if someone could explain that. I've used a 7805 5v voltage regulator because H-Bridge is using 7,2V (6xAA NiMh) and the "brain part" needs only 5V.
      You can find more informations and schematics that I've used in the "BMW car robot.png" file in the main folder