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59667Re: [beam] Greetings!

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  • wrigter
    Oct 6, 2009
      Welcome to the group jax.

      It's pretty safe to post your creations. You'll give and get
      plenty of encouragement and constructive comments here. Look
      forward to sharing your ideas.


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      From: "jax225" <grsshpr875@...>
      To: beam@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [beam] Greetings!
      Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 20:18:20 -0000

      >Hello all. I'm new here, just wanted to say hi and give
      >thanks for this group being around. Something in my mind
      >triggered the memory of the Omni magazine's photovore
      >recently and google led me to the BEAMers and all the
      >things that have evolved since I read that article (back in
      >1989???). I'm scheming up a bot based on several other
      >preexisting circuits to bring my old photovore dream to
      >fruition. On that note, more thanks to Wilf, Solarbotics,
      >Maxim, and allaboutcircuits.com.
      >My electronics knowledge is limited; I had a 100-in-1 Radio
      >Shack kit when I was a tyke and I've done some basic things
      >on the electrical systems of my various disasters I call
      >cars. You can be sure I'll be posting my creation for all
      >to critique and laugh at :) Be gentle.
      >Happy to be here! Now, back to reading through almost 60k
      >worth of old posts...
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